Helping an Entrepreneur Expand in France

The Company
The entrepreneurial leader of a successful Australian financial consultancy wished to expand the company’s services into France.

The Issue
The owner was having a hard time creating an offer that was attractive to French companies. He could not secure meetings with decision-makers, who didn’t trust him because he was unknown in the local market.

The Strategy
Ubi & Orbi’s goal was to educate the entrepreneur on the French business mentality and how to better market himself and his offer. After demonstrating the cultural gap between his home and host countries, Eliane created specific strategies to help him bridge it.

The Outcome

Today, he is a successful entrepreneur in Paris, with French and international clients in his portfolio. In addition, he cooperates with other international entrepreneurs in France and benefits from a large network. Eliane remains at his disposal as a resource.

The Ubi & Orbi Difference

Ubi & Orbi helps you open the doors to opportunities in any country—because we walk through them first. Then we can escort you straight to your objective. This increases your success in negotiating deals, creating a strong marketing strategy, and developing an effective local team. It also reduces your time and expenses.

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