Managing Employees in Another Country

The Company
A French–based international group in the pharmaceutical industry relies on multicultural teams, which work together face-to-face and remotely.

The Issue
Teams often report to a manager in another country. This causes managers some concerns: working with people from other cultures; making the teams work together; dealing with different approaches to topics, hierarchy and time. For example, a German manager had considerable concerns about working with Brazilians. His linear and factual approach was not only misunderstood by his teams but also perceived as aggressive. And he believed he wasn’t getting thorough, accurate and timely information from his teams.

The Strategy
Eliane and the manager analyzed the German and Brazilian cultures, identifying the main differences and potential reasons behind difficulties in communication and expectations. With this as background, they reviewed emails and phone calls to capture the real meaning of the message. Eliane also worked with the Brazilian team to unblock the situation.

The Outcome
The German manager came away from the experience with more than a new set of management tools. He developed a positive perception of his people. This allowed him to feel more relaxed in his dealings with them and to avoid situations that had previously caused him stress. In addition, the Brazilian team emerged from their training more willing to work with the manager.

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