Managing Teams

Creating and Leading an International Team

You have successfully led teams in your country. How do you translate your company’s culture and values to another part of the world and help the employees there meet performance goals? Ubi & Orbi has the experience you need.

We know how to create and support effective teams. This ranges from setting one up in an individual market—such as Australia—to getting teams across a number of countries to cooperate with each other.

Proven Process

We can handle this in a turnkey manner or support you in the specific areas you need assistance:

  1. We understand your company by immersing ourselves in your mission and culture, products and services, customers, and the business plan for the new markets.
  2. We know the best ways to attract the caliber of employees you seek in this market: from executives to line staff to back-office support. Depending upon your needs, we can create the strategies for you to implement, or you may outsource the entire recruiting and salary negotiation process to us.
  3. Staff multicultural training and integration is our specialty. We work with your new employees—first by training, and then side-by-side—to help them cooperate with their colleagues. They become as proficient at communications with your other locations as they are in face-to-face situations in their own office.
  4. We assist you in managing your new employees. This begins with planning sessions before they are onboard, to ensuring you are fluent in what motivates—and de-motivates—people in this culture, to developing tactics for dealing with “sticky situations” that arise even in the best of offices.

You have a vision of what your new international office should achieve. We help you realize this, by hiring and training the right staff, providing an environment where they can live up to their potential, and giving you the tools to manage them.

Multi-Cultural Partner Quiz

Find these throughout our site and test your IQ: international quotient

An Hispanic-American middle manager highlights the amazing performance of an unskilled Hispanic colleague. Based on that evaluation, top executives promote him to a management position. Disaster ensues. As leader of South American operations, what do you do?

Click on your answer to see if you chose the correct response!

>>A. You fire the middle manager and the employee. Show
>> B. You work with the middle manager to implement job descriptions and performance evaluations and reassign the employee to a position that fits his experience . Show
>> C. You take charge of all promotions in the region. Show
>> D. You interview each one separately to understand what is going on. Show
>> E. None of the above. Show

Managing Employees in Another Country

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