Marketing that Brings Results

Your brand already is successful in one or more markets. How do you ensure you have the right name, price, messages and distribution in a new overseas region? This is our business at Ubi & Orbi.

We take a holistic view of marketing. Our objective goes beyond ensuring you have the right brand and messages for a region. We work with you to set up all of the details of your presence in this new and unfamiliar market—because we have done this for others.

Proven Process

These are the steps that lead to success.

  1. We review your research on the target market and any you already serve nearby. Our goal is to leverage what you have and standardize your operations as much as possible, because this leads to faster and more cost-effective results.
  2. We identify any gaps in your knowledge and use our extensive background in market research and the local culture to fill these. This approach saves you time and money, because you won’t have to conduct the studies yourself or identify a local firm to do this.
  3. We work together to create your marketing strategy. This includes more than the items you would expect, such as defining specific niche markets and how to reach them. It also encompasses identifying competitors and ways to add value to your offer. 
  4. Then we create relationships and help you negotiate and establish agreements with these organizations and entities. We also can assist you with hiring and managing local employees as needed.

Our experience in the field helps your company do more than expedite establishing its presence in a new market. We also can help to reduce the time needed to make your venture profitable. This is possible because we are more than a consultant: we are your true business partner.

Multi-Cultural Partner Quiz

Find these throughout our site and test your IQ: international quotient

You had a subcontract with a French intermediary to work for an Anglo-French company on a specific assignment. You had agreed on a price, and you successfully conclude the assignment. When you send your invoice, you are told you will be paid half of the amount originally agreed to. What do you do?

Click on your answer to see if you chose the correct response!

>> A. You insist on the terms of your contract. Show
>> B. You hand the matter over to your corporate attorneys, who threaten to sue the Anglo-French company. Show
>> C. You inform your supervisor that you will only be receiving half of the agreed amount and never to work with the Anglo-French company again. Show
>> D. You say that you understand and agree with being paid half. Show
>> E. None of the above. Show

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