Meeting Your Needs

You Need an International Business Partner

The safer, faster and less expensive approach also is the most comprehensive

You lead a mid-sized company wishing to reach overseas markets. Or you lead a department at a larger company that currently does business in other countries or wishes to expand there.

Ubi & Orbi—the Latin phrase for “if we were everywhere in the world”—gives you an option you won’t find anywhere else. We offer an experienced businessperson who handles all of your cultural issues, so you may focus on achieving your goals. This is how we compare with the two traditional methods.


*    The individual may be able to do this if she/he specializes in that service.

If your goal is to become a successful multinational company, getting “cultural sensitivity” training on another country is not enough. Neither is working with a local person who may or may not have all the skills you need.

Ubi Orbi process


We Promise to Be There

This is our promise to you. We are here throughout the entire process, first as your agent and then as your advisor. This begins by explaining the best ways to do business in a culture. Then we coach you and work by your side. As you master the situation, we move to a supporting role. And we remain involved until you no longer need us.

Multi-Cultural Partner Quiz

Find these throughout our site and test your IQ: international quotient

A Lebanese firm wants to work with your company. You have breakfast before their driver arrives to take you to a 9:00 a.m. meeting. The meeting starts in one office, then moves to three others, with new people joining in. Each time you move, you are offered coffee, tea and pastries. What do you do?

Click on your answer to see if you chose the correct response!

>> A. You accept the beverages and a pastry each time it is offered—until you’re ready to explode. Show
>> B. You politely refuse the third and fourth beverages and pastries, explaining you are full. Show
>> C. You decline any food, saying you had already had breakfast in the hotel. Show
>> D. You eat with pleasure and ask for more. Show
>> E. None of the above. Show

Ubi & Orbi truly becomes your partner. Learn how our founder, Eliane Karsaklian, works with you to reach your business goals. Contact her at, +33(6)73207235 or eliane.karsaklian on Skype.