Creating Successful Deals

ubi orbi doorWhy is it taking so long to schedule a meeting to discuss an agreement? What is the cost of inadvertently angering your ideal international partner during negotiations? Ubi & Orbi prevents these and other disasters.

You have heard about greeting, gift giving, attending events and meals—and perhaps have a “do and don’t” list. But what you really want is the shortest amount of time and expense between now and a successful business agreement.

That is what we provide at Ubi & Orbi.

Proven Process

Here is how we make this possible.

  1. We do our homework: interviewing key people at your company and reading background information.
  2. We listen to understand your needs: the partners you seek, the features and benefits you offer, and the arrangements you wish to make.
  3. We do the market research to not only uncover those companies but the right decision-maker within them.
  4. Then we work with you to create the action plan.
  5. Eliane meets with the decision-makers, taking the time to build the relationships so she may introduce your company and you.
  6. Eliane brings the intelligence gathered from these meetings back to you, so together you craft the most successful negotiation strategy.
  7. Next, we educate you on the salient details, so you enter the country understanding the personalities as well as the best strategies for handling the negotiations.
  8. When the business partner is ready to sign the deal, we attend the meeting with you to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible, and a successful agreement is reached.

We find this process is the most effective use of our clients’ time. It also is more cost-efficient. Ubi & Orbi is compensated based upon a measurable outcome: the signed contract. That means we will never drag our feet to bill more time, because our interests are aligned with yours.

Improving Worldwide Purchasing Negotiations

An international chemical company faces problems in negotiating across cultures—and within its own multinational purchasing team. Ubi & Orbi works with its board of directors and employees to improve this. Read more...

What People Say About Our Negotiation Training

Eliane Karsaklian is a sought-after speaker on international negotiations. This is what professionals say about their experience with her:

• “The projects I manage require constant and sometimes sensitive negotiation skills. Listening to Eliane gave me some wonderful ideas on how to approach/deal with the more difficult scenarios.”

• “The session covered areas of negotiation which are also applicable to standard day to day events. The focus on the multi/cross cultural dynamic is highly relevant in most businesses. Looking for the commonality and understanding the differences helps to get to the right results.

• “Really interesting content, particularly cross-cultural differences and being able to apply the tips to day-to-day negotiations, not just big business deals.”

Want an experienced guide on your path to international success? Contact Ubi & Orbi now at, +33(6)73207235 or eliane.karsaklian on Skype.