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“My job is to make it easier to reach your business goals—in every country where you wish to operate. We do this by working as partners. You bring the knowledge of your products, services and value. I bring the experience of creating strong business relationships—and avoiding mistakes that can kill a deal or ruin local opportunities.”

Eliane Karsaklian’s business and academic background ideally suits her calling: opening the doors of international commerce for her clients.

Exposure to Worldwide Business
In 2009, Eliane chose to meld her research and practical experience in international business by founding Ubi & Orbi. This allows her to integrate her skills in negotiation, marketing and management to benefit her global clients. She has led companies—ranging from Gucci to Sanofi-Aventis—to build relationships that created or expanded the markets for their products and services. She also is a member of the board of directors for the Marketing Management Association and a member of the Association of International Business (both in the U.S.).

Before creating Ubi & Orbi, Eliane was deputy director for the Partnership Department Office of the HEC School of Management in France. She also served as marketing manager for Hotels Mercure, and deputy director for the UNESCO (United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture) Columbus Program.

Sound Academic Foundation
Eliane is a visiting professor at a number of universities: Northwestern University (U.S.), Deakin University (Australia), SMU (Singapore), Roosevelt University (U.S.), Murdoch University (Australia), Université Libanaise (Lebanon), Université Francaise d’Egypte (Egypt), University of the West of England (UK), Institute of Management Technology (India), and Southeast Missouri State University (U.S.).

In Paris, she is director of a trilingual Professional Master Program in International Negotiation at Université Sorbonne, one of the most reputed universities in the world.

Her strong academic background includes a Ph.D. in marketing from HEC Doctoral Program from GROUPE HEC in France. She earned her master’s in science in management, with a concentration on culture and consumer behavior, from Paris IX Dauphine.

Eliane also has an MBA, with a focus on developing communication strategies, from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil—in collaboration with New York University. This is the same school from which she received her bachelor’s degree in journalism, advertising and public relations.

She has lived and worked in seven countries and is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Eliane’s latest book, Sustainable Negotiation, introduces a completely new perspective on international negotiation, providing practical, field-tested examples, experiments and guidance to enable readers to implement sustainable negotiation in the real world.

Sustainable Neogitiation book cover

Eliane shares her unique experiences in “From Foreign to International: Lessons on Being a Citizen of the World.

From foreign to international

Used by universities, The Intelligent International Negotiator provides the perfect approach to international negotiations from the perspective of an expert who has negotiated in international businesses around the world—more human, more pleasant, and more effective..

eliane karsaklian book cover

She also contributed the fifth chapter to Talent Management of Self-Initiated Expatriates. A Neglected Source of Global Talent (Palgrave MacMillan, UK, 2013): Could International Volunteers be Considered Ethical Consumers? A Cross-Discipline Approach to Understanding Motivations of Self-Initiate Expatriates

Talent Management of Self Initiated Expatriates

Looking for an experienced partner to handle the cultural aspects of your international expansion? Contact Eliane at elianekarsaklian@ubi-orbi.com, +33(6)73207235 or eliane.karsaklian on Skype.