Terrorism is Anti-Negotiation

Saturday, January 10, 2015, by Eliane Karsaklian

terrorIt looks like the people who wrote about the globalization of cultures and the world going flat were naïve. They forgot that mankind is unable to learn from lessons from the past.

What has happened in France last week and has been happening in countries around the world lately takes us back to the dark ages. It is just that instead of riding horses, people are driving cars. Instead of using swords, they are killing with guns. But all the rest is the same. People getting rid of people who are in their way, literally or figuratively.

There are only two ways of getting what we want in life; fighting or negotiating. There are many ways of disagreeing, of protesting, of showing power. Killing is just one of them. All other ones might lead to negotiations. Killing does not. Exterminating people is giving them no chance to argue, to negotiate. Now, do these killers really get what they wanted? Not sure. Did they even know what they wanted? Not sure either.

While the whole world is talking about tolerance, cultural diversity, working together, negotiating and cooperating internationally, some people still believe in cultural superiority and cannot live in a society where their culture is not the only one.

Everyone has the right of not liking other countries, other cultures, other habits. Everyone has the right of sticking with their own cultures and refusing to go abroad. But no-one has the right of killing on behalf of culture. The right to life is universal. It is culture free.  We should not negotiate to live. We should live to negotiate so that we would not fight, or worse, kill.

Terrorism is Anti-negotiation. It is the opposite of everything that development and evolution stand for.

France has once been the country of liberty. The French revolution claimed the liberty of expression. From the French revolution emerged the Declaration of Human Rights. It looks like two centuries later it became the country where liberty has been translated into impunity and human rights into the right to kill.